7 Ways to Engage Guests at Your Wedding Reception

7 Ways to Engage Guests at Your Wedding Reception

A yawn is the very last thing you want to see on your wedding day. Your guests are there to support the love you and your partner share. Honor their support and attendance by making sure they are entertained and engaged from start to finish. Keep them from looking at their watches every ten minutes by following these seven simple tips:

7 Ways to Engage Guests at Your Wedding Reception


  1. Perfect your seating chart:

One of the easiest ways to make sure your guests stay entertained and engaged is to make sure they’re seated at tables where they will know other people. This allows for an easier flow of conversation. You wouldn’t place your great aunt at the same table where you’d place your college roommates. When putting together your seating chart, try categorizing each person in a specific group. Your best friends could all be at one table, your aunts and uncles at another, your work colleagues at another, and so on and so forth. This ensures everyone is comfortable and ensures lots of conversation among guests.

  1. Greet your guests:

Greeting every single one of your guests could be a very hard task, especially if you have a 100+ headcount. Of course, there will be many guests who won’t be shy and will come right up to you and your new wife/husband to congratulate you and wish you well. There will also be people at your wedding who you may not be as close with. Because of this, they will probably be less likely to seek you out themselves. Try to make some time to talk to as many guests as you can during the reception. Don’t feel like you must have 30-minute conversation with each person. Instead, think of a personal anecdote that is specific to each guest. This way you will have a little something personal and sincere to say to each invitee instead an impersonal “thank you for coming”.

  1. Put on your dancing shoes early:

One of the most entertaining and exciting aspects of a wedding reception is the dancing! Instead of doing all the traditional events earlier, consider doing them a little later into the reception. Have your DJ get the dance floor packed for about 45 minutes prior to the cake cutting and bouquet tossing. This will keep your invitees lively and energetic.

7 Ways to Engage Guests at Your Wedding Reception

  1. Activities:

Activities allow for your guests to keep busy during those dull moments where there’s not too much going on. Consider getting a photo booth or two. Photo booths are a wonderful way to keep everyone engaged and occupied. If you can’t afford a photo booth or they just aren’t your thing, consider some fun games you could play that will keep everyone focused. For example, some newlyweds choose to have their guests play a game of couple trivia. Your DJ or MC can assist you with this game. It is especially a great idea if you’re choosing to go with a buffet-style dinner. Have your MC or DJ ask the room a trivia question about you and your sweetheart. The first table that gets the answer right can be the first table dismissed to get in line for their food at the buffet.

7 Ways to Engage Guests at Your Wedding Reception

  1. Group dances:

There may be some guests at your reception who may feel self-conscious or uncomfortable getting down on the dancefloor solo. To keep awkwardness at bay, consider having some group dances. Collaborate with your DJ or MC and pick out a few songs that you could use for these group dances. Have your DJ or MC call out the group on the dancefloor before the song begins. For example, you could have a song geared toward the youngsters in the crowd. You could also have one geared toward all the parents in the crowd. You could have a song dedicated to your college friends. Get creative with it! Not only is this a wonderful way to unite people together but imagine how cute it will look on your wedding video.

  1. Hands-on games:

The perfect way to strike fun competition and conversation is to have a few hands-on games available at each table. Consider placing mini-games in the centre of the table. Think Rubik’s Cubes, Tic Tac Toe, Checkers, and any other peg board games that won’t take up too much space. This allows for your guests to bond, stay amused, and keep busy. You could even kill two birds with one stone and use unwrapped mini-games and toys as favours.

7 Ways to Engage Guests at Your Wedding Reception

  1. Friendly table ambassadors

Now, this tip is not a very common one, mostly because it’s sort of a new- age concept. However, it’s a fantastic idea and a wonderful way to get people talking. Consider having one person from each table stand in as your “table ambassador”. The person you choose to play this role should be friendly, personable, and a true extrovert. Their duty is to make sure conversation flows at the table they’re assigned to. They also could assist with introducing everyone. The person you choose as each table’s “table ambassador” will feel like a VIP and will probably have a great time being the groups main socializer.

7 Ways to Engage Guests at Your Wedding Reception

If you can make your guests feel important and welcomed during your wedding reception, the more enjoyable their experience will be. In turn, there will be many fond memories of your special day and your wedding will go down in history as one of the best.


Written by N. Rolleri for Bridalosophy

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