Barware Essentials That Should Be on Your Wedding Registry

Barware Essentials That Should Be on Your Wedding Registry

“Your presence is the best present we could ask for on this special day.” That may well be the case, but chances are most wedding guests will still want to buy a gift for the happy couple. If you’re planning to tie the knot, you need to give some thought as to what you can request via your gift registry. A registry is a great idea, it gives your guests an idea of what you would like and prevents duplicate gifts (photo frames are pretty but lose their appeal when you receive twenty of them)! Think carefully about what sort of gifts would compliment your home and reflect your personal style.

Barware Essentials That Should Be on Your Wedding Registry


If you enjoy entertaining this could be the perfect opportunity to build up your collection of barware. Champagne flutes, wine glasses, water goblets – it seems nowadays there’s a glass for everything. Not to mention all the gadgets and gizmo’s that make entertaining that little bit more stylish and modish -  mixology essentials such as a cocktail shaker and the ever-useful ice bucket always come in handy. Let’s explore some of the barware essentials you could include in your wedding gift registry:


Chink, Chink, Cheers!

If you like a tipple or two and have visitors that enjoy the same, then it’s useful to have a comprehensive collection of glassware. As a general guide, it’s a good idea to go for sets of twelve; this will give you plenty to go at when you’re hosting a gathering such as a dinner party. Keep it basic when it comes to everyday glasses for juice and water, you will use them so often that breakages are inevitable and you want to be able to replace them easily and cheaply. That said, if you are hosting a dinner party, it’s nice to have a few fancy water goblets to dress the table.

Nicer occasions will also call for smart wine glasses (both for red and white wine). Glasses for red are usually wider and rounder to give the wine a chance to breathe. Glasses for white are usually a little smaller (to lock in the flavour of the wine) and prevent oxidisation. It’s also a good idea to ask for a set or two of elegant champagne flutes, (the only way to serve fizz darling)! Champagne, prosecco and sparkling wine all deserve tall, slim flutes to maintain the natural carbonation. Bring on the bubbles!

Barware Essentials That Should Be on Your Wedding Registry

If you want to add to your collection, consider requesting some pint glasses (a nice cold beer after a long day always goes down well and ask for some Pilsner glasses too (these are a little smaller than pint glasses and are the perfect vessel for a bottle of beer). Other glasses to consider include stylish Martini and Margarita glasses and don’t forget the highballs (great for long drinks such as mixed rum and coke or vodka and lemonade).


Mix It Up.

Enjoy a cocktail or five? Then to show off your mixology skills to the best of your ability you will need the right bar tools. If, like James Bond, you prefer your Martini shaken and not stirred you will require a cocktail shaker.

Use it to mix up all manner of tasty concoctions to impress your friends from a classic Margarita (1-part tequila,1-part Cointreau, 1-part lime juice), to a more contemporary Redhead in Bed – a strawberry and vodka cocktail topped up with white wine.

 Barware Essentials That Should Be on Your Wedding Registry


Muddlers come in handy too – allowing you to mash your ingredients and give your cocktail the flavour it deserves. Bar spoons are also useful, as they can be used to stir, layer and scoop and are purposefully long enough to enable you to reach the bottom of a tall glass. If you want to make sure your cocktails always look pretty ask for a Strainer and resolve to always remove any pips and seeds from your drink, the result? A polished looking tipple that you will enjoy all the more.


Ice Ice Baby.

Some drinks taste better when served over ice or at a cool temperature. An ice bucket will keep your bottle of white nice and chilled and you can use the cubes inside to pop directly into your drink. Make sure you have a pair of ice tongs to go with it. Otherwise, your guests will have to risk frozen fingers as they grab a cube or two for their drink.

 Barware Essentials That Should Be on Your Wedding Registry


Open Up.

Looking forward to the lovely bottle of red that’s been sitting in your wine rack all week? Just make sure you have a corkscrew to open it! The same goes for a bottle opener; no-one really wants to try out the old “I can open beers with my teeth trick!”

Barware Essentials That Should Be on Your Wedding Registry


Let Me Entertain You.

There are plenty of barware related gifts that you can request when compiling your wedding gift registry. They will add a touch of finesse to your hosting, and your guests will enjoy your hospitality all the more if they are able to enjoy sipping champagne from a crystal flute. Some bar tools are more useful than others, and although you might not need a decanter, they do offer a sophisticated way to pour out your alcoholic beverage of choice, and they also look rather smart perched on a side table or dining table.


Getting together with good friends and family is a great way to catch up on the news and stay connected, but if you’re going to invite your nearest and dearest over it’s worth doing it properly. So why not use your wedding registry as the perfect opportunity to upscale your barware collection? Bottoms up!

 Barware Essentials That Should Be on Your Wedding Registry


Written by E. Challoner-Miles for Bridalosophy

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